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Gen Z creative writer, political enthusiast, and future lawyer anxious to make a change.

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I remember I was in tech rehearsal for my high school musical when I overheard from one of my cast mates that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School had been attacked by a man armed with an AR-15. 17 people died.

“You don’t understand, this is literally so sad, this could literally happen to us.” I heard him say before I had to go on stage.

One month later, I was marching into Boston with a sign that read “Right to bear arms does not equal right to own assault rifles in every day life.” Plenty of journalists took my picture…

“Are you serious!” I blurted out, shattering the silence of twenty seventeen year olds diligently completing math equations. I hastily shoved my phone back into its designated pocket and scurried out the door before any more attention could be drawn towards my sweaty, hyperventilating, ready to run self. I accidentally tripped over someone’s desk “I-I-I-I-II’m sorry,” I said. The teacher hurried after me, but disappeared after I speed walked around the corner of the hallway, insisting that I was fine. …

The first time a teacher cared about my mental well being was in a virtual setting. I fear how things will change when classes go back in-person.

“Beep Beep Beep Beep”my phone rings. It’s 8:00am. I have my first-year-honors seminar in 30 minutes, and this is the fifth time I’ve hit snooze. I set it for 7am, but 5 hours of sleep won’t prepare me to hop out of bed at 7am.

I reset it for 8:20am and roll out of bed just in time to freshen up, click the Zoom link, and lounge back in bed before 8:30am. Despite…

It’s refreshing to step out of the chaotic political world and enjoy what it could be.

When “The West Wing” ended in 2006, I was only 5 years old, and I still pictured a big glittery box topped with a bow when people mentioned George W. Bush. “Present” I thought my pre-school teacher told me.

I found the show because I binged “The Sopranos” with my family — both swept the Emmy nominations at the same time, and the drastic difference between how the characters make money in the shows is ironically hilarious.

When I started watching in late October, I hardly knew what the actual West Wing or a communications team were, but I knew…

Why you should look past the unfortunate voice swap in Pixar’s “Soul.”

Pixar’s “Soul” poster, courtersy of Disney+
Pixar’s “Soul” poster, courtersy of Disney+

Pixar’s “Soul” follows the passionate, kind-hearted Joe Gardner (voiced by Jamie Foxx) who literally dies a happy man after scoring a shot to play a gig with a famous jazz quartet.

The story takes off when he meets the unborn soul, 22, in the ‘Great Before’, the place where souls go to learn how to live on earth and are also assigned personalities. 22 has lived in the Great Before for thousands of years because she has trouble seeing the purpose of living. …

A new bot by Mike Lacher and Matt Daniels, called “How Bad is Your Spotify?” will judge how awful your music taste is.

It ranks how basic you are, and gives snarky nicknames for your listening habits. For example, they called my Spotify library “Tommy Bahama bad,” as well as “nineties dorm room bad” and “still upset Gaga didn’t win the Acting Oscar bad.” While I agree this is completely hilarious, it gave me the creeps being reminded of all the times I went into a private session to listen to High School Musical or My Chemical Romance.

I am…

After Yuya, a Mexican beauty vlogger with 24 million subscribers, the two most popular makeup YouTubers are James Charles with 20 Million Subscribers and Jeffree Star with 17 Million Subscribers. Both are Cisgender, white, gay men.

I’m sure you remember when Charles rose to fame as the first ‘CoverBoy’. The goal of the campaign was to market CoverGirl as gender neutral, making it commonplace for cis boys to buy makeup products.

However, if you scroll through Charles’ Instagram page back to 2016, he was posting art pieces on his body — which doesn’t quite match the aesthetic of any ad…

So for obvious reasons, 2020 will not make the short list for the best year of my life.

I had my high school graduation in a parking lot, spent all of April re-watching the Jonas Brothers tv shows, and I haven’t seen most of my friends in almost a year now.

But I also started college at a fantastic university, read over 20 books, got out of an unhealthy relationship, and made some incredible friends.

I also apparently discovered 472 artists on Spotify, and listened to “New Romantics” by Taylor Swift 34 times.

This new year, don’t dwell on everything…

The position of President was created for any natural born citizen who has reached the age of thirty five. So that means anyone from Bill Gates to that neighbor who doesn’t believe in dinosaurs can aspire to attain the most powerful office in the United States. Except when the founding fathers sat in a room and debated the creation of the executive office at the Constitutional Convention in 1786, they had a distinct idea of who would run for election; educated men who owned land and had previously served the government. Until the election of 2016, every President has fit…

Emily Rosenberg

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